Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We haven't gone sledding as a family in a while, but it was fun when we did. With variety of sleds including 'snowboards', we tried all sorts of things. Going down a park hill is hard when you're standing on your sled. Another fun twist was purposely falling off. When you're going fast and fall off, rolling and tumbling down, it makes things much more fun.

After sledding for a long time, we'd drink hot cocoa there, then come home and relax. The perfect ending to a fun day.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Looking back, it's weird remembering what it was like without glasses. I had no concept of blurry/clear, to me the world was blurry and that was normal. Then on one trip we visited this big church that had something written in big gold letters. My mom noticed me squinting, trying to read it. After that trip, I visited the eye doctor. I turned out to have bad eyesight, which fyi has been slowly deteriorating since. I've never taken the ability to see clearly for granted since. I might as well be legally blind without my glasses or contacts, everything is so blurry. Well... That's an exaggeration but it does seriously limit me.