Monday, January 12, 2009

Introduction to me

Welcome to my (new as I write this) blog, The Story Of My Life! I will post sporadically with various memories as the mood strikes me. As this is a public blog I'm writing to an audience but for myself. This is my way of saving and cherishing those special moments forever. One more note. I will half heartedly try posting in chronological order, but that isn't likely to work well because sometimes I simply can't remember when something was, or because I just don't necessarily have my memories sorted that way in my head. I'll be writing them as they surface. Oh yeah, another thing. This isn't a diary, but I will throw in recent events as I see fit. Man I'm forgetful. One more thing, I promise. I don't ever swear, but some posts may contain explicit text. Those posts, if they come up, will be marked as such in the title and on top of the body text. Now a little about myself. The rest you'll be able to pick up on gradually as you read my posts, this is just to get you started. I'm 15 as of today, my birthday is September 24, 1993. I am and always have been Catholic. I have 6 siblings, soon to be seven. Two are sisters, the new baby (due in ten days!) is a boy. { As of today... Anne-17 Nate-15 (me) James-13 John-11 Maddie-9 Peter-7 Christopher-2 Luke-ETA 10 days } My three main passions are playing piano, writing, and programming. I'm an Apple fanboy, be forewarned. Finally, I have always lived in Michigan, US. I guess that's enough for now. That's just scratching the surface, but let's not be hasty. Please follow and comment if you enjoy my blog. Thanks for reading, Nate

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