Friday, February 6, 2009

Breaking my arm

Ok here's a big one. Me breaking my arm is actually pretty boring. I slept in a bunk on the bottom bed, which was high off the ground for a bed. I rolled over for whatever reason, and fell off. I landed on top of my right arm, which broke. I didn't cry, it didn't hurt much. But when my dad came to check on me, I couldn't move my arm. It was late so I just slept on the couch with my dad.

At the hospital I only remember one thing. I had to lay on a conveyor belt thing with my arm positioned just so. Then the belt brought me through something, out the other end.

While I had my cast life was frustrating. I'm right handed, but due to the nature of my break/cast I couldn't use my right hand. Have you tried eating sphagetti with your non-dominant hand? It's tough. But eventually the cast came off, and life went back to 'normal'.

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