Thursday, February 5, 2009

Family demographic

Not sure demographic is the correct word... oh well. Life has been hecticly awesome except for the getting sick part. But unfortunately in all the bustle I haven't been able to post in a while. But I'll make it up with a handfull right now.

In a big family I suppose it's natural for kids to group up, by age or interest. Since most of us are two years apart agewise you'd think it wouldn't work quite right, but it did.

At first it was just me and Anne, and we did pretty well together. Then James came along. Me and Anne have always been pretty close, but Me and James probably have the strongest connection. Now here's the slightly interesting part. As far as age goes, me and James are actually the closest at one and a half years, and James and John are the furthest apart at two and a half years. That's always been the dividing line, reinforced by the fact that for ages James was completely disgusted by John for no particular reason.

Then Maddie and Peter came, making the groups equal. We referred to the younger three as the littles or the babies, and still do out of habit even though there's now two more babies in the house. The rift between the two halves is closer now than it used to be, but there's still a very distinct line there. And with Peter and Chris being five years apart, that means Chris and Luke will likely be their own pair. I'm excited for that, I'm praying I'll be able to see the relationship me and James have in them.

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