Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lost in Canada

We went to a hotel in Canada during Valentines day for a vacation. That's all I remember about the trip, except that we went to a huge arcade. We were having a ton of fun, but then I got lost. I stopped to look at a game, and when I turned back around my family had disappeared. I had enough sense to find a worker and tell her I was lost. She asked what my parents looked like, and I described my mom, though not very well. I got as far as the color of her shirt (green) and the color of her hair (black). It felt like forever even though I'm told it was only a few minutes, and I was scared the whole time. But finally we were reunited and enjoyed the rest of the day. But ever since then, and even at 15 I'm still struggling to shake off, I've been scared stiff of getting lost. In stores my mom will ask us kids to run off and get things. I do it, but my legs are jelly the whole time and thoughts of being lost forever run amuck in my mind. Like I said, recently i've been getting better but it definitely was a major life changing event.

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